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Roving-Eye Gallery update and newsletter #23 for March 2023


Hello to everyone and thank you to the new subscribers.. welcome aboard!


With the latest update just uploaded head to What's New - March 2023 | and you can scroll back month by month for an easy catch up for previous months too!


As promised last newsletter this is a monthly newsletter again.. although no guarantees of course!


I expect this year will be quite different to last year when I was able undertake a rapid expansion of the portfolio to include the snow, inland rivers, the outback and the tropical islands!


I was very happy to come away with not only a ton of personal adventures of being far out to sea broken down on my own or far upstream in a narrow channel full of crocs.. but also a huge slab of print worthy images from it all I can now call on as opportunity might come my way!


After recently taking a huge hit cost wise with some unexpected loss of expensive gear I am taking it far more quietly on the expedition front this year to recover from the losses and consolidate the portfolio with a distinct effort within the home region both on land and on the water and of course in the air!


On that score you will see a ton of lighthouse photos for March.. that’s what comes of staying too long in one spot.. I keep seeing nice things and going out to get them and this month has been unusually active for storm fronts and changeable weather compared to say the more traditional expectation of summer being the time for that!


Also in that mode of consolidation for this year I have been making a distinct effort in what you might call “fine art” photography.. which usually means highly detailed and high quality images when blown up to a large size.


I have the gear for it but I think I have been lagging in making the absolute most of it so I will concentrate on fixing that this year and a somewhat quieter year big expedition wise will help me achieve that.


I find improvement comes not only from regular and relentless self-criticism but also from expectations clients should have from purchases of images when they get beyond a certain “typical” size.


It’s when things get large that detail matters, and techniques matter.. up to that point you can “get away” with a certain glossing over of details but there comes a time when you can no longer hide, and the purchase of high end gear beyond my current abilities has been purposely done to push myself to become worthy of such gear and to zero in on the right combination of in-field capture and in-office post processing to create the final high quality image I want to achieve and be able to deliver!


One thing for sure for some scenarios it’s now heading well past the simple “single image” capture model to a more complex set of image captures designed from the outset to be processed in a very particular sequence and manner to create a final image. A well resourced computer is as much a vital piece of equipment as a good lens in the modern era of photography!


All this coincides with the steady increase of what I might call more “commercial” purchases of images, and these have been getting VERY large, as in many metres long, to fit entire walls or hallways of commercial premises so it needs to be good!


As of this writing I haven’t seen any of these imminent installations but next newsletter I will report back on them and, hopefully, happy clients!


Take care and thank you for reading this far and sharing the journey!

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