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Roving-Eye Gallery update and newsletter #24 for April 2023


Hello to everyone and thank you to the new subscribers.. welcome aboard!


With the latest update just uploaded head to What's New - April 2023 | and you can scroll back month by month for an easy catch up for previous months too!


As hoped I made a concerted effort to visit more regional locations this month and that is well and truly reflected in this latest gallery update!


As weather allowed I went to multiple headlands up and down the coast from Port Macquarie and also up into the hinterland to the high plateau around Comboyne for some stunning views there and down to the coast.


I took the motorbike each time since I enjoy riding so much and can also carry all my gear on it, even the large drone case, and all the while it runs on a teacup of fuel so I can cover large distances and repeat visits for minimal cost.. what’s not to like!


I have a growing video portfolio of not only pure scenic videos but plenty of behind the scenes that shows you the work, and fun, behind making of the images you see in the gallery.. plenty of bike, ski and drone action just head to


As of this writing I had the first whale spotting of the season.. so here they come! I expect to be on the water a lot in the coming months so there will be a big influx of quality whale photos I am hoping!


Lastly I’d like to touch on the image used in the newsletter that is a bit different to my usual selection of a scenic.


It’s my first large commercial installation and as you can see it’s quite the size! It stretches the entire hallway length over 15m long and the client is very happy!


They commissioned me some months ago to create this particular scene and it was quite the technical item to deliver requiring me to test a variety of shooting distances, heights, focal length and image overlap to get “the formula” I could then use to capture a set of high resolution images which were then needing a very intensive editing process to assemble into the final seamless result you see here!


This installation also serves as an example of my “make a difference” principle I had in mind with the very founding of the business.


Firstly for me photography was an original passion, despite my wild teenage boy years doing crazy and sometimes dangerous stuff I also drew on the quiet and inherent beauty of the landscape as a source of pleasure and interest.. but then it got lost and crushed with a whole lot of years since and now in later life it has returned to “make a difference” to me as a source of pleasure again and no small measure of ongoing healing.


I know it makes a difference and brings pleasure to others too..


I get told this all the time at the markets with people coming up and thanking me for the beauty I post up and share of the various sights and happenings around Port Macquarie. Many of these people make purchases and now have a slice of nature on their walls to admire forever!


If you’d like to see some selected client examples just head to Client Purchases |


I know it makes a difference in giving people a chance to share what they love of this area by their multiple calendar purchases and sending to friends and family and to many different countries each year.. saying “here’s where we live, isn’t it amazing!”


With a large scale commercial installation such as the image in this newsletter it makes a difference to a business as well to be able to have such art on the walls and to fold it into the space they value with their clients in mind and as we speak another local business is also in the process of doing the same.


Lastly it makes a difference to others who are perhaps not as well off, or suffer a disadvantage not of their making, and while I prefer to keep this type of thing respectful with no details there are people working in different areas and where I am supporting them with knowledge and material to make sure I leave no-one behind in my photographic mission “to make a difference” at every possible level and to every possible corner that I can reach.


Take care and thank you for reading this far and sharing the journey!

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