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Google Maps and Street View - Western Australia

Roving-Eye is active on Google Maps with standalone 360 degree images as well as street view tours represented by the "blue lines" where you can move along from point to point along a path and see where Roving-Eye has been and what interesting things there might be for you to see there!
  1. Just click on any of the tour map links below to jump into any tour, You will land on an image along the tour which you can pan around by clicking and holding the mouse and dragging around in any direction as well as follow the arrows to the next image along the tour!
  2. Clicking the back arrow at the top left will zoom out to the map image, or you can click on the "Overview Map" to see the local area. Drag the orange street view person at lower right onto the map to see the blue lines and drop anywhere on the line to jump to that point!
  3. Clicking the account name "Roving-Eye dot com Photography" at the top left lists all the individual photos loaded to date (listed separately) and clicking on any photo will jump the map to that location!

WA - South West - Updated May 2022

Wave Rock and surrounding region
On Land
Wave Rock (May 2022)
Overview Map Street view such as  here, here and here
In The Air
Wave Rock and Lake Magic (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Close up and Higher up. Lake Magic
Gorge Rock (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Close up and Higher up
Kulin Bush Races (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Salt lake 1, Salt lake 2, Track 1 and Track 2
Mulkas Cave (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Here and here 
Stirling Ranges and surrounding region
On Land
Bluff Knoll summit track (May 2022)
Overview Map Street view such as  here, here and here
In The Air
Stirling Ranges (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Eastern Lookout, Bluff Knoll 1Bluff Knoll 2, Central Lookout, Western Lookout
Pingrup (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Silo Art - near, Silo Art - farSalt pan
Albany and surrounding region
In The Air
Albany (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Little Beach, Flinders Peninsula, Whaling Station, Vancouver Peninsula 1, Vancouver Peninsula 2, Port loading facilities, and Silo Art
Augusta and surrounding region
In The Air
Augusta (May 2022) 
Overview Map Photos Here, here and here
Cape Leeuwin (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Here, here, here, here and here
Windy Harbour (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Here and here
Cosy Corner (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photo Here
Margaret River
In The Air
Surfers Point (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Here, here and here
Dunsborough and surrounding region
In The Air
Canal Rocks (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Here, here, here and here
Sugarloaf Rock (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Here and here

Busselton (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Jetty  Beach and Canals
Perth and surrounding region
In The Air
Rockingham (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos Here and here
Floreat Beach (May 2022) 
Overview Map - Photo Here
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