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Order here for all your 2023 Calendars!

For 2023 there will be 3 calendars available

  1.  Port Macquarie  A4 - SOLD OUT! Check out the contents here

  2.  Port Macquarie  A3 - SOLD OUT! Check out the contents here

  3.  "Australia Wide" A3 - ONLY A FEW LEFT ! Check out the contents here


A4 size is $15 and A3 size is $30 available in Port Macquarie, postage elsewhere extra.

All calendars are landscape format and wirebound at the top with a hole for easy hanging and page flipping!
There are 14 image pages in total: 1 x Front cover, 1 x Back cover and 12 month pages.
Paper stock is very high quality you will be impressed by!

To see actual product page from 2022 opened up with days of the week jump down to here

This will be a
strictly limited edition print run - Just a single print run and once they are sold that is it - so get in quick!

For earliest delivery please order only the Port Macquarie version.

The "Australia Wide" calendar has been completed and now waiting production and delivery! Not long now!

ORDERING PROCESS - 2 easy steps!

1. Determine your calendar type and quantity and pay for your order total using PayPal

Please give your name in the available description field for payment reconciliation.

Any postage will be calculated and charged separately at the time of shipping.

2. Send an email giving your name, order details and payment total and all contact info such as mailing address if shipping is necessary. You will then be emailed when calendars are available for pickup from the home gallery or when they are ready to be mailed out if you prefer that option.

When printed a sample copy of each size will be available for viewing at the home gallery or either Foreshore Markets (2nd Sat of every month at Westport) or the Laurieton Riverwalk Markets (3rd Sunday of every month)


Please note: There will be no market site for September or October due to travel however we will be there for the November and December markets!

Please scroll down to for each calendar gallery
Click on any image to enter scrolling detailed view



"Australia Wide" - A3

Port Macquarie - A4


Port Macquarie - A3

product page

2022 A4 actual product page showing days of the month - 30 cm W x 42cm H when opened out


2022 A3 actual product page showing days of the month - 42 cm W x 59 cm H when opened out.
This is a pre-production version, the final product will have spiral binding for the entire width


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