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It has always been a privilege to sell an image knowing it will bring pleasure to someone somewhere and from time to time I get to see where an image has ended up.

With client permission I will share a selection of such images from time to time so you can see what a difference a well selected piece of artwork could make to your home or workplace or that unique gift of original photography!

April 2024
This large and bright image of Tacking Point Lighthouse and the coastline is in the waiting room of the Cancer Institute at Port Macquarie Hospital and will hopefully raise a smile for everyone there!
March 2023
This is the Karri forest in SW WA and shooting conditions were perfect for a forest scene with soft subdued light and light misty rain making all the colours pop!
February 2023
This client has installed their large triptych showcasing their area and it looks superb up on their wall!
February 2023
At this client site not only does the light and surroundings work perfectly but just outside are the very scenes that are in the images and so it wonderfully and naturally links the indoors with the outdoors!
January 2023
As always it's a privilege to be able to supply quality artwork for a client to select and hang pride of place in it's forever home!
December 2022
The deep set brown timber frame of this coastal panorama between Shelly and Miners Beach suited the client decor perfectly and is a well chosen piece!

February 2022
A double dose of "Australiana" for this home!

A pelican panorama and a family of Tawny Frogmouth with a sleeping koala behind them on another branch of the same tree!

November 2021
This intense electrical storm makes a perfect large canvas that fits exactly where the client wanted and they are over the moon with it!
November 2021
2 versions of the Breaching Whale in front of Tacking Point were delivered in November.
This is a framed print measuring a substantial 150cm wide and is a perfect match for the home decor - great choice!

November 2021
This canvas panorama of a Humpback Whale leaping in front of Tacking Point Lighthouse fit this alcove perfectly and is a lovely addition to this home that says "This is Port Macquarie"!
August 2021
Measuring an impressive 2.1 m wide this panorama of Point Plomer is a special place for this client and they now have this beautiful reminder to look at any time!
July 2021
This is the first ever "triptych" done at Roving-Eye and it was done at a client request who thought a recently posted panorama would look great on their wall done this way.. they were right!
October 2020
It is always a pleasure to have images in the portfolio that cover a place that has significance for a client and so it was with these 2 purchases sized and placed perfectly to fit in with the existing decor and take pride of place for viewing.

The panorama is taken at dawn following the full moon and with a perfectly clear sky you can see the moon clearly as the sky transitions from dawn to daytime colours. There is only a very limited timeframe on this one day a month to get this placement and the weather also has to co-operate!

The rectangular shot is also an early dawn shot from another day with clear views to North Brother down the coast along Lighthouse Beach and is a creative merge of several shots in succession which gives the sea a soft ethereal look perfectly contrasting the rocks lit by the dawn sun.
March 2020
I call this piece "Tree of Life" because that is what it resembles in this orientation.

The client wanted something a little "different" and a talking point also sized a substantial 180 x 118 cm to fit a recess in their formal dining area and they certainly picked the perfect image!

This is a top-down drone shot of a rocky outcrop at Miners Beach, Port Macquarie and is in fact several images of successive waves merged together showing the movement around the rocks very clearly that a single typical shot could never do and is exactly why the gallery "Creative - Time Shift" was created, to showcase such possibilities for that something a little "different" yet still very much true to life.
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