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Tuition tailored to suit YOU!


I call this level "Awareness" for good reason.. the goal is for you to leave with a much greater awareness of what is possible using your versatile DSLR.

Have you thought your photos were "ok" but you suspect you're missing out on doing better more often? Or maybe you've just bought a "proper camera" and want to make sure you're well prepared to know what it can do?

If so then this session is aimed at you.

While many good things are possible using an iPhone or compact "Point'n'Shoot" they have their definite limits and this session is aimed at exploring the major modes of a DSLR and where and why you'd use them and you're likely relatively new to this category of camera with all of its many controls so it may be a little overwhelming at first.

Using a set of examples provided you will explore where shutter speed, aperture and ISO film speed are all inter-related and how different situations will require prioritising one over the others and the optional use of filters and an introduction to the final step in making photos really stand out.. post processing.

You don't need to have an expensive camera.. a $5,000 example has many of the same limitations as a $500 example and so what you will be shown is to how to make the most of what you have since it applies for the camera you have now and any other camera you may purchase after and so, to a reasonable extent, it's not about the camera as such.. it's all about you and your personal development as a photographer that's the key.

This session isn't about giving you a canned speech about camera technology but you must become a familiar user of it to make the most of the situation.. and this can be achieved a step at a time.

My goal is for you to walk away happy with using the controls of YOUR camera.. so we will go through it in detail and all its settings to make sure you're starting out on the right path and are comfortable with the dials and menus to select from for each photographic scenario you may come across.

Once you are aware of the path to follow to develop your own personal style and the camera just becomes a tool in your hands then the world is your oyster and this session will set you on that path.

Included in the tuition fee is availability for you to get in touch for tips and reminders to keep you on track on that road to steady improvement!

How many?

1 on 1 ideally or very small group.


How long?

2 hours.



Bring your own DSLR camera



Indoors on site at Port Macquarie.


How Much?

$200 per person.

Get in touch and let's get going!

custom product


See something you like and want it done another way?

Another size? Commercial or bulk order?

Any image in any size, finish or media subject only to commercial availability.

Typical turnaround for industry standard print sizes are 1-2 business days, framing, canvas and speciality products may be 1-2 weeks depending on current supplier status.


Just get in touch to say what you'd like to have!


personal and commercial shoots


Do you have something in particular you'd like done or an event to cover?

I've done it all from family shoots and weddings to national level sports events.


Every commissioning is custom tailored to suit your particular needs, timeframe and budget.

Get in touch and let's see what I can do for you!

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