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Issue #22 - Nov 2022-Feb 2023 - Gallery (please scroll back for all 4 months)

Roving-Eye Gallery update and newsletter #22 for Nov 2022 - February 2023

Hello to everyone and thank you to the new subscribers.. welcome aboard!

With the latest update just uploaded head to What's New - February 2023 | and you can scroll back month by month for an easy catch up for previous months too!


This newsletter covers 4 months from November 2022 to February 2023 inclusive so there is a bit of catching up to do!


The end of 2022 saw a fair case of exhaustion set in after multiple demanding journeys away deep into the desert, up the Murray River, trudging around the Snowies are far out to sea at the Whitsundays and pickng my way between crocs bigger than my ski.. so no wonder I was tired by the end of the year!


The energy and inspiration to shoot is a roller coaster I find, partly bodily energy but mostly the emotional investment and energy to shoot.. and also write newsletters too it seems!


I’d much rather shoot when I’m eager for it than “force” it.. I don’t think the best results are possible in that circumstance so I just wait for the juices to flow back and ready to get behind the camera sometimes.. the only exception being if a good storm happens to brew up and head over in which case it’s drop everything and get straight into the groove.. storms wait for no-one!


I’m not expecting the same level of trips away this year, it is a year of consolidation and pushing sales for the portfolio developed thus far but I DO look forward to some refreshing additions to the portfolio from one region or another nevertheless.. nothing booked or timelined yet so we will see what transpires!


November was an interesting month with the lunar eclipse and while it was mostly cloudy (almost typical for astronomical events!) there were still long enough glimpses of this amazing event to make the hours in the dark on the beach to be worth it!


One type of shot I really like to get for a lunar eclipse is the exact opposite of your typical wide angle star shot and that is using a long zoom to really concentrate on the full moon and surrounding stars..


An eclipse is the only time you can do that since it is normally washed out by the moon brightness but during the eclipse it turns a dull orange and the brightness level is way down making the shot possible.. Of course if it’s cloudy you may have to wait another year or so or travel somewhere else on the globe to get another chance!


Over these past few months I have been lucky enough to get such as a Koala mum and joey come down a tree just a few feet away not the least bit bothered by me being there clicking away.. normally I need the long zoom to get a nice wildlife shot but this time it came to me and was so close the lens had trouble focusing since it was within the minimum focusing distance.. not a problem I typically have with wildlife!


With staying closer to home for a bit I will make a concerted effort to roam up and down locations north and south along the coast and even a day trip inland.. with the motorbike at the ready, and the enjoyment of riding, and the supreme low cost of operation I can travel hundreds of kms and cover all the nooks and crannies and fill some gaps in the local and regional portfolio.. as you never know when a client will walk through the door and want something out of the blue.. it’s happened before and no doubt will happen again!


This will also be a great opportunity to pursue some new techniques using the larger drone with the powerful zoom lens.. and something I’ve been doing already but I need to bring it up to a whole new level and deliver amazing high resolution results I know it can do.


Early tests shows it deliver the goods as long as I’m willing to invest more time in the systematic shooting and then manual stitching process in the edit stage.. something I’ve been a bit lazy about until now but I can hide no more! I just have to resign myself to needing to do more work for it.. not much comes for free or without effort!


Once I get this down “pat” using local scenery I know I will be in a good position to capitalise without failure for when something amazing comes along or I am in a rare and amazing place where I certainly need to know I can come away with nothing less than maximum quality with maybe no second chance!


Let’s see what 2023 brings!


I certainly hope you have been enjoying the imagery so far and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any topic or question you want me to respond to in the newsletters.. and I promise the next one won’t be 4 months waiting away!


Take care and thank you for reading this far and sharing the journey!

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