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Roving-Eye Gallery update and newsletter #21 for October 2022


Hello to everyone and thank you to the new subscribers.. welcome aboard!

With the latest update just uploaded head to What's New - October 2022 | and you can scroll back month by month for an easy catch up for previous months too!

The October gallery also has something a bit different for this month too, a link to a dedicated page of 7 galleries since the past few weeks has been chock full of image goodness.. way more than the typical monthly gallery update could handle!

“No I haven’t lost my marbles, I’m just an outdoors photographer..” is what I was thinking and wish I could have said to this couple in a 4WD who came to a stop and were looking over to me walking around in the open plain a fair distance off the track.

The location was a remote road connecting William Creek with Coober Pedy and I had stopped randomly along it when I spotted some wild budgies off to the side which I very much wanted to get pictures of!

So I come to a fast stop and grabbed my camera, always ready on the passenger seat with a long lens ready to go, then headed off into the never never in stealthy pursuit of my quarry.

Now a vehicle stopped in the middle of nowhere along any of the outback tracks or roads is usually an indication of a problem and the etiquette is very much slow or stop and inquire if all good.

And so it was with this case of the 4WD seeing my car and trailer stopped and I was several hundred metres away well into the gibber plain seemingly just wandering around on my own!

I raised my camera and what I hoped was a significant enough sized lens to show them I hadn’t gone mad and I was just out there taking photos and I gave them a hearty wave as well just to show all good..

I have a feeling though they weren’t overly convinced I was of sound mind by the very slow take off and an almost palpable reluctance to leave the scene in case I wasn’t seen or heard of again lol.

This is very much the singular and isolated lot of the outdoors or adventure photographer.. you follow your nose and do whatever it takes to get the shot.. no matter how long it takes, how uncomfortable you may be, how risky it can get at times or how odd it may look to others .. and I love every second of it because the outcomes are worth all of it and then some.

The trip just completed was some 6,000km of driving outback roads and tracks dodging the weather with floods and track closures before and after my passage through but it was this very wet weather that was my main motivator, to get the desert come to life with all the water.. and still not get stuck in it myself!

Between my 2 main cameras and 1 main drone I took a substantial 20,000 images and it has taken full 10 days end evenings to assemble the various panoramas and select and edit the individual images to come up with my pick of 370 images divided into 7 galleries to make viewing easier so I hope you can find the time to head over to this page and take a look and I hope you get some appreciation of the beauty “out there” and especially under the current historic conditions! Inland trip October 2022 |

Just so you appreciate what goes into making some of these images take a look at the one included with this newsletter which is “Channel country” near Windorah QLD (next town east of Birdsville). I had seen other photographers images from here in recent months and very much wanted my own set but I also wanted to come away with things maybe they didn’t as well.

And so it was with this “top down” shot which is an amazing 300 separate images stitched together to create a single super high-resolution result which could get printed to be wall size still keeping insane levels of detail.

The individual images are obtained using a very high calibre of drone capable of flying a pre-ordained strictly defined grid and do the total distance covered here, an impressive 14 km, and take the images precisely as specified and then you need the computer resources back at the office to store and process them into a seamless high quality result that could end up anywhere!

Already my work has sparked the interest of the Courier Mail which is doing a paper and online spread of the diverse things I have covered this year just in QLD alone.

So while outdoors photography in it’s execution can sometimes look like a random and oddball activity to some when you look under the hood you will find a high tech hub of gear and it’s methodical management both in the field and in the office that bring the images to life so we can all enjoy the amazing sights of nature and appreciate this world a little more from it.

The 2023 calendars are all done with A3 and A4 Port Macquarie sizes now in stock and the new for this year “Australia Wide” A3 is now in production and will be in stock soon!

This particular calendar celebrates the diversity of the Australian environment and all calendars are made of high quality stock and every purchase helps me to keep going into 2023 with even more ambitious distances and locations to cover so head over to this page and check them out for yourself or as a gift to someone! 2023 Calendars |

Take care and thank you for reading this far and sharing the journey!

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