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Roving-Eye Gallery update and newsletter #29 for January-March 2024

Hello to everyone and thank you to the new subscribers.. welcome aboard!


With the latest update just uploaded head to and you can scroll back month by month for an easy catch up for previous months too!


2024 is off and running for a while now and at last a newsletter has come out with several monthly gallery updates that have been uploaded on time, the writing certainly has not kept up!


There have been some great opportunities to chase storms over this summer period and that is reflected in the shots that have made it to the portfolio.


Also the same persistent and often dull weather sometimes keeps a grey lid on things inhibiting taking the number of shots that I would done by now!


There was an unexpected side-effect of the reduced shooting rate, and a very tiring Christmas and New Year period moving house also reducing photo opportunities.


To compensate for the weather limitations and to keep the creative juices flowing (and all the good health benefits from that) I took up “Sand Art”.


This is where I place designs on the beach using a few simple tools and can be viewed easily from a popular pathway and has been great for me to do personally but I know from the enormously positive feedback that it has been a hit with passers-by as well!


In fact so much so the ABC came down to interview me. If you’d like to see the story and video head to


I’ve also put up a dedicated Facebook page to hold all the designs which you can see at


Also an Instagram page is even more concise and the ever flexible personal/professional YouTube channel now has a series of entertaining timelapse videos  which has me scurrying back and forth at speed making lines and filling them in!


If you get a chance head on over to take a look at what has been happening in parallel to the photography.


Speaking of which I’ve kept to the mission of making black and white versions whenever an image with a pattern or other non-colour striking attribute stands out as a candidate to convert.. it’s very refreshing and liberating to see how many things can be obtained from a scene!


It won’t be long now before the start of the Humpback whale migration season starts kicking in. In previous years the first images have been appearing around May so that’s only a month away!


This year I intend to spend a lot more time on the water than last season which had something of an enforced lay-off due to mechanical issues with the ski.. so I had to rely a lot on drone access to take the lead for whale photography but now that I have the ski all sorted I will be doing lots of water level shots this year.. perhaps even some underwater if some ambitious hopes and plans work out!


I hope you stick around for all of that.. and I will be trying my hand at Sand Art designs that include a breaching whale.. let’s see if I can pull THAT one off!


Take care and thank you for reading this far and sharing the journey!

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