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Roving-Eye Gallery update and newsletter for August 2021

Hello to everyone and thank you to the new subscribers.. welcome aboard!

I hope this newsletter finds you well in these challenging and interesting times!

With the August update just uploaded head to What's New! | and you can scroll back month by month for a catch up for previous months too!


With the stay-at-home public health orders it’s meant far less going out for pure photography this past month than I would like!


While my photography is typically done on my own and it’s my legal business to conduct anywhere anytime even during health orders I’ve tried to keep in line with the intent of the orders which is to sharply curtail typical community movement and mixing.


Nevertheless a nice variety of shots were achieved and if nothing else I need it regardless for my own personal well being to keep something going!


The full moon had a nice clear sky to rise in and I’ve been waiting for this exact thing for the past few months which have had too much cloud around each time until now!


I had earlier staked out the best position on the beach and dunes that were projected to give me the long telephoto shot I was after where I wanted to align some interesting foreground subjects with the rising moon in good detail.


When viewed with a long lens the moon rises rapidly against a foreground object so here I was in the very back of the dunes up against the scrub (which is where I needed to be to make this work) taking a shot then moving the tripod another couple of feet then another shot and so on.. it would have looked pretty funny doing this “photographer’s dance” chasing the celestial object so far away! .It worked a treat though and I got a series of shots I’m really happy with and will help me dial in the settings for any future month where I can get my ducks to line up again!


At the other extreme I got some awesome shots of a Rainbow Lorikeet in flight!


This is one of the few shot types where I absolutely depend on the features of the camera to get. The Olympus has many clever features I take full advantage of whenever needed and high speed shots of birds like this would be nearly impossible for me to get without it!


While travel has been sharply curtailed it has remained an ultra busy time staying local and testing and configuring a number of technologies to deliver imagery in fantastic new areas for Roving-Eye to be involved in.


To me photography has increasingly become one centered around “story telling”. In a single classic landscape photo you are implicitly already doing this by having a subject that attracts your eye, considering a composition to create a clear focus for the image and then using the mechanics of the camera to support your story.. such as fast shutter to freeze action for a bird in flight or very slow to emphasize movement over time such as water flow.


A fully evolved story telling means using several media types and, importantly, delivering on a platform that people can discover and easily view the works created, preferably on a large scale!


As a background to this I’ve always used Google Maps and street view to examine what photographs might exist for any area of interest and always find it super helpful to see what blue dots or lines might appear where I’ve zoomed into.


For many areas however there is nothing on the ground at all to show me what it looks like and to explore.. so I’m going to fix that for many of the blank areas of the map I go to by creating my own street view content on the ground, on the water, and soon I hope.. also in the air and, hopefully, even underwater too!


These aren’t easy challenges and certainly not cheap to attempt.. after deciding on what equipment (might) work there is the very real challenge of mounting in a secure way, keeping it safe from damage in some hectic environments, possibly also supplying supplementary power for long duration coverage and lastly promptly securing the files produced so all your time, travel and effort are not wasted!


My early forays are up for viewing at On Google Maps and Street View | so I hope you take a look and see what I’m talking about!


These are very early days and no doubt I will have refinements to come and some whole new problems to solve as I expand


So let’s see how it all goes and what awesome and unique places can be covered in this particular way once travel restrictions ease so the blank areas on the map come to life and we can ALL share in what interesting things are to be found there.


I have more, much more, in mind.. so if you keep your subscription to my newsletters you will see it all unfold and delivered to your inbox as it happens!


Thank you again for your interest in Roving-Eye and for reading this far.. I hope you take something worthwhile away from what’s being done and I look forward to you joining me in the journey ahead!


Take care of yourself during these unique times and I hope we all come to appreciate the people and things around us a little more as an outcome of it!

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