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Issue #7

Roving-Eye Gallery update and newsletter for October 2020

Better late than never but the Gallery update for October is here!

Hello and thank you to the new subscribers this month.. welcome aboard!

It was a very diverse month with 30 new images covering everything from cityscapes to seascapes so I hope you enjoy the variety as much as I do!

Check them out at

A trip to Sydney this month meant a good selection of new cityscapes were added to the portfolio.

I always enjoy relating buildings and people to the landscape whenever possible as it exercises another part of "the photographic brain" on how best to do that.. more often than not I just go with "pretty" and content myself with that.. maybe with time I might get more sophisticated than that.. or maybe not!

In the meantime it's nice to get images that are sharp and colourful and Sydney with its world class picturesque harbour makes it easy to come away with something pleasing I have to say!

As luck would have it I got a capture of the crescent Moon with Venus nearby at dawn with a prominent headland here in Port Macquarie. I don't follow the planetary movements as much as I know other photographers do so this was more dumb luck than planning but I was out for the dawn anyway as it happens and it was all there for me to get so "yes please, I'll have some of that"!

Every month I get such a reminder of where I can make a better effort since the rewards are there to be grabbed and not just rely on luck.. (although luck is awesome too!) so I will make sure to pay closer attention to the heavenly movements from now on so I can include such nice combinations more often and more reliably!

Storm season has arrived with several major cloud fronts and lightning shows coming around to really liven things up. I was a little slow off the mark getting up and into some of it but I will chase these down from now on as I really enjoy seeing the power of nature in all its forms and want to capture the dynamics and drama of it.

As far as where to stand to get the best shot I figure that the lightning will do whatever the lightning will do and there is no way to outsmart or outguess it and you can't get quality shots from inside a building or a car so I will just go and stand wherever I feel I need to be for the best shot in mind and take my chances!

In other news the time is now right for a significant expansion of the photography business into 2021 and beyond and a diversification of the portfolio with a successive widening of the travel circles using Port Macquarie as the base.

With time I aim to cover everything from the deep interior and deserts to far flung reefs and coastlines and every extreme point of the compass within Australia and I will start that process immediately in the new year.

With such plans in mind, and the necessity of the time to cover the sometimes vast distances involved, it may not be possible to keep with the end-of-month newsletter schedule during 2021 but I hope it will not be any longer than bi-monthly to give me time to make trips, organise the portfolio and take care of business so I can send out the next newsletter with all the latest and greatest!

In the end you will be treated to an increasingly diverse range of images and locations and the addition of different media such as video and I want to cover the complete spectrum of in the air, on the land, on the water and finally underwater.

No small undertaking for sure but big things are done out of doing lots of small things that add up and fit together.

I will be working hard on getting these things sorted out stage by stage and I hope you enjoy the journey alongside me as much as I look forward to bringing back visual gems of all types to share with you!

Thank you again for being a subscriber and I hope you are enjoying the images coming out to the gallery each time as much as I am enjoying capturing them!

Don't forget.. all newsletters are available in an indexed archive so you can go and (re)read everything published to date at any time! .. just go to

'Till next time.. take care!

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