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Issue #3
Roving-Eye Gallery update and newsletter for June 2020


June has come and gone in what seems like a flash!

There has been lightning, whales, dolphins, birds, pelicans and the stars and planets cross the lens this past month.. talk about variety and a challenge to do it all justice! 

Go check out the latest images, 27 in all, in case there is something there that really piques your interest for that special and original gift!

Peak whale migration season has meant plenty of awesome photos of these gentle giants making their way past Tacking Point heading north at this time of year. There was even an awesome opportunity to get mum and calf estimated to be only 1 day old close in to shore meaning I could stay with them for an extended time getting both stills and video.

An evening storm out to sea happened by and they are always good to catch no matter where they are. It's good photographic practice to have a foreground subject with a lightning shot if you can manage it and given its position and direction there was a good bush outlook to give me the perfect vantage point overlooking the lighthouse to complete the composition.

The main trouble was the huge spider web (and spider!) I literally ran into on the way and then 2 big dark shapes flew out of a tree right at head level just after that! The perils of an outdoor photographer to get the image!

A nice outcome from another storm, this time late afternoon, is the magical light that happens if the sun is given a chance to find a hole to shine through.

For a heavy late afternoon storm near the lighthouse I knew of the perfect, if slightly precarious, ledge to place myself waiting and hoping for the light to appear at just the right moment and to shine on my subject of interest.

As luck would have it I had a single 30 second opportunity for exactly that and with the tripod and time exposure all worked out and settings on the camera ready to go all I had to do then was press the shutter right on cue and capture the magic.. seconds after closing the shutter the light was gone and the rain came... talk about perfect timing to be there to get that shot!

Then comes the rapid dismantling of the gear, packup and slow walk up the muddy trail through the bush back to the car.. the life of an outdoors photographer strikes again!

Thankfully, apart from standing in the cold dark water in the river for an hour before sunrise for another shot, the rest of the month was a lot easier going!

I got a nice overhead drone shot of dawn rocks at the beach that I am really happy with, cool reflections of the starry night on the beach, and tons of animals and people at play in the bright sun!

All in all a very satisfying month of shooting and the portfolio steadily grows in every direction with each month.

Don't forget.. all newsletters are available in an indexed archive so you can go and (re)read everything published to date at any time! .. just go to

'Till next time.. take care!


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