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Google Maps and Street View - Listing by Location

Roving-Eye is active on Google Maps with standalone 360 degree images as well as street view tours represented by the "blue lines" where you can move along from point to point along a path and see where Roving-Eye has been and what interesting things there might be for you to see there!
  1. Just click on any of the tour map links below to jump into any tour, You will land on an image along the tour which you can pan around by clicking and holding the mouse and dragging around in any direction as well as follow the arrows to the next image along the tour!
  2. Clicking the back arrow at the top left will zoom out to the map image, or you can click on the "Overview Map" to see the local area. Drag the orange street view person at lower right onto the map to see the blue lines and drop anywhere on the line to jump to that point!
  3. Clicking the account name "Roving-Eye dot com Photography" at the top left lists all the individual photos loaded to date (listed separately) and clicking on any photo will jump the map to that location!
NSW: Central West, Mid North Coast, North CoastSydney RegionSouthern Region
NSW - Mid North Coast
Port Macquarie - Bonny Hills - Camden Haven & Laurieton - Camden Head & North Haven - Dunbogan - Lake Cathie & Lake Innes - Wauchope
Port Macquarie 
On Land
Port Macquarie to Crescent Head (Aug 2021)
Overview Map Street view via Maria River Rd and Point Plomer Rd 
Lighthouse Beach (Aug 2021)
Overview Map - Street View
On Water
Port Macquarie to Telegraph Point (Aug 2021) 
Overview Map - Street view via The HastingsMaria and Wilson Rivers
Tacking Point Lighthouse to Hastings River (Dec 2021) 
Overview Map - Street view via Tacking Point, Miners Beach, Shelly Beach, Nobby Head, Flynns BeachRocky Beach, Oxley Beach, Town Beach and the breakwall.
In The Air
Tacking Point Lighthouse to Hastings River (Dec 2021) 
Overview Map - Photos of ..Tacking Point Lighthouse (high views) here, here and here (low views) hereMiners Beach here and hereShelly Beach, Nobby Head, Nobbys Beach, Flynns BeachRocky Beach here and here, Bird Rock, Oxley Beach, Town Beach and the breakwall.
Township and Hastings River (Jan 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos of .. Kooloonbung Creek, Westport Park here and here, Marina and surrounds, Pelican Island and Hastings River
Bonny Hills
In The Air
Township (Jan 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos of .. Quarry Low view and High view, Rainbow Beach, Bartletts Beach
Camden Haven & Laurieton
On Land
Queens Lake (November 2021) 
Overview map - Street View - Photo
In The Air
Township and Queens Lake (January 2022) 
Overview map - Photos of .. Marine Rescue Base, River and North BrotherStingray Creek here and here, Queens Lake
Camden Head & North Haven
In The Air
Camden Head (January 2022) 
Overview map - Photos of .. Gogleys Lagoon, Pilot Beach here and here.
North Haven (January 2022) 
Overview map - Photos of .. North Haven Beach
In The Air
Camden Haven River (January 2022) 
Overview map - Photos of .. Dunbogan.
Ellenborough Falls
In The Air
Ellenborough Falls (March 2022) 
Overview map - Photos of .. Edge of the falls, Above the falls, Front of the falls, Down the valley here and here
Lake Cathie &  Lake Innes
In The Air
Cathie Creek (Jan 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos of .. Cathie Creek. Perch Hole near and farWestern side, Cowarra Creek, Entrance to Lake Innes
Lake Cathie and lagoon (Jan 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos of .. Boat Ramp, Lagoon, Ocean side - North, Ocean side -South
Opening - High viewOpening - Low view, Near bridge, Lake Cathie - Eastern side here and here. Southern side here and here.  Western side here, here and here.
Lake Cathie and lagoon opening to the sea (Feb 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos of .. Bridge, Ocean side - NorthOcean side - CentreOcean side - South
Lake Cathie township (Jan 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos of .. Housing developments here, here, here and here.
Lake Innes  (Jan 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos of .. Northern end here, and here.
On Land
Bago Bluff (Jul 2021-Jan 2022
Overview map  Street View via Rollover Road, Nine Tree Road, Boundary Road and Lookout Road  - Photo  
"Old Bottlebutt" Tree (November 2021) 
Overview map - Street View Photo
In The Air
Wauchope township (Jan 2022) 
Overview Map - Photos of .. Golf course, Main rail bridge here and here, 2nd rail bridge, Township and River
Bago Bluff (Jan 2022) 
Overview map  Photos of .. Western end here, here and here, Eastern end
NSW - North Coast
Tenterfield-Glen Innes
 On Land
Bald Rock National Park, Tenterfield (Sep 2021) 
Overview map - Street view - Photos Bottom  all the way  to the top 
"Stonehenge", Glen Innes (Sep 2021) -
Overview map - Street view - Photos here and here 
Grafton region
In the air
Glenreagh (Dec 2021) 
Overview map - Photo
Grafton (Dec 2021) 
Overview map - Photo
NSW - Central West
On Land
Siding Spring Observatory, Warrumbungle National Park  (Oct 2019)
Overview Map - Photo
Warrumbungle National Park (Oct 2019)
Overview Map - Photos Breadknife, Grand High Tops
NSW - Sydney Region
Hawkesbury River
In the air
Mooney Mooney (March 2022) 
Overview map - Photos of .. Near Peat Island and Hawkesbury River Bridge

NSW - Southern Region
Alpine Region

NSW - Southern Region

Alpine Region
On Land
Geehi Picnic Area, Kosciuszko National Park (April 2021)
Overview Map - Photo
NSW - South Coast
On Land
Geehi Picnic Area, Kosciuszko National Park (April 2021)
Overview Map - Photo
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